Just a few Lightbulb moments from the Mind Your Back classes

conducted at SenSpa at Careys Manor -  

the top award winning Spa in the South of England.



"Amazing. So simple. I just have to remember to do it regularly".


"The everyday tips you give us on stress, posture and sleep for example, are easy to do".


"As soon as you taught me to soften my muscles with rhythmical breathing, my neck and back have felt better".


"Many thanks for your excellent back classes.  My back is much improved since I haave been coming to them".


"My posture is improving every day - thank you".


"Thanks to the back movements prescribed for me by David Passmore, my sciatica has virtually disappeared, apart from the occasional twinge which is very quickly fixed by applying breathing and the movements again".


"Following several months of discomfort, my lower back is gradually improving.

I’m sure the gentle and considered movements coupled with controlled breathing is helping considerably".


"The class and the focus on conscious breathing has really helped me control the pain I was experiencing whilst helping me to remember to focus on my posture"


"The movements and tips are easy to fit into your day to day life"


"Gently educating the mind and muscles for the lasting benefit of the spine"


"I never knew how much a class like this would help me just by laying down and breathing to relax, just great."


"Concentrated breathing works like magic"


"I love your back fit class, which has helped me so much"