Working on the causes and not just the symptoms of back pain for decades


David began to attend back care classes and workshops conducted by the late, great Dr Jack Sweidan, in Durban, South Africa in the late '60's.  A medical doctor with his own practice, he was the first to use Acupunture in his treatments.  He became the club doctor to a number of sports clubs ( including David's Japanese Martia Arts Club) and he was the Medical Doctor to the South African Naional Rugby Team - the Springboks  - for many years.


"Dr Jack,"  as he was known, used to treat 'back painers' in a number of different ways and rarely just from the symptoms presented.  He would alleviate back pain with a variety of different methods of manipulation, massage (Shiatsu) and muscle specific exercise to improve posture and spinal alignment.


David has used these techniques successfully for the alleviation of general aches and pains of the back, which he has since taught to 100's of people around the world to help them to take care of their own backs.


He founded  and operated Healthways, the first UK corporate medical health and fitness centre in 1982.

Back pain is a big corporate issue and costs companies millions each year in absenteeism.

Teaching employees how to take care of their own backs was a successful strategy used here.

(Send me an email if you are interested in a coporate tutorial)


Soon after he moved down to the New Forest in 2000, David began teaching meditation and breathing classes at SenSpa, in the Careys Manor hotel complex.


He created the Mind your Back concept  in 2018 on the publication of a worldwide research publication on the complex and complicated issues that still exist around back pain, that include Stress, Posture, Lifestyle and Exercise.


His classes have ticked all the boxes with members of SenSpa who have expereinced them - see Testimonials.


David still teaches these classes at SenSpa to this day.


David is a teacher and mentor and publishes his own website "Helping You Help Yourself" - the intention of which is to encourage readers to take responsibility for their own health by availing themselves

of the options available out there to do so.



David is one of the leading exponents of  the Traditional Japanese Martial Arts of Karate, Aikido and Iaido in Europe today.

He teaches at various locations in the UK, which includes the disciplline of Meditation,

based on the Soto Sect of Zen Buddhism.



David Passmore